Now, in late '23 middle 24...

  1. I’m pushing myself to finish this website without redesigning it yet-another-time,
  2. My life partner and I recently proposed to each other, and are in the midst of all that follows such things!
  3. I’m slowly adjusting to less daylight thanks to savings
  4. Trying to catch up on video edits from recent trips...perpetually.

Like everyone else, I’m exploring AI & thinking about the right balance. I’m excited, but weary. Everything is a tool, and AI on its own is not art but is a fantastic tool added to the kit.

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Everything is skewed by the constant ambience playing throughout the house.

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Anxiously awaiting the next Stormlight release........

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I play games.

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I look like this these days. Thanks for believing, and for scrolling this far.