Hi, I’m Chris (@cc). Welcome to my personal home on the internet.

I’m a recent newcomer to Los Angeles by way of New York City, but have been cruising on Pacific time for far longer. I spent my childhood both on and off the coast near Boston. This resulted in a deep appreciation of the ocean that has been pervasive through various forms of my life and work.

I have a great love of the outdoors and documenting my adventures, most recently through the lens of a Contax T2. You can find me and my things around the internet.

I like to create, and enjoy applying a fluid and evolving design aesthetic across media types.I’m an ardent believer in the seamless loop. This has translated nicely to my design philosophy at GIPHY as a product designer since 2017.

Records of Employment

My design process is very fixated and continuous. I’ve redesigned this site a few times, just while developing this latest version. My process involves doing far too much, and then refining away. The best pieces are then saved for future blocks to build with.

I love touching all stages of product–

  1. Initial concepts and wireframing
  2. Polishing of visual design and copywriting
  3. Motion and prototyping
  4. Continued post-release care

Outside of the office, I enjoy various creative outlets.

This is generally in the form of an array of personal projects in various stages of uncompletion. Follow along with a few of them on the In_Progress page.

Via an exploration of nature and observation of my surroundings, I enjoy cultivating similar vibes to channel into art. See what inspires me on the Moodboard.