Self-E-Wear: the only VR headset with the power to show you how cool you look wearing a VR headset. Equal parts interactive art piece, futurist dance party, and waiting in line at Space Mountain. Designed and built from scratch, the team at Dark Igloo debuted it at F5 Fest at Terminal 5 in '15 to huge smiles and several noise violations. No one quite knew what to make of The Future.

Would you like to become Self-E-Wear™?

I put together this dumb little product site to tease & send people their 📷 Photos after the event.

Lost in their own conscious, guests danced their thoughts away.

“Those are her thoughts.” “Oh! Interesting …”

Important collateral available exclusively at the event.

As a staff member at the event, I assisted with helping Truth Seekers complete their mandatory waivers. A lot checked the boob box.

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Creative Direction & Art Direction Mark Miller & Dave Franzese
Photography Chris Cubellis, Kyle Sauer and Mark Miller
Design Brooke Bamford, Rob Engvall, Kyle Sauer & Chris Cubellis
Special Thanks To Ventura Castro, Noah Norman, and Adam Bailey.