HUGE Displays

01/05/2019 Design

In my free time while working at a HUGE, I used the occasional "non-billable hour" to work on a framework that was shown on monitors spread around our office (and eventually around HUGE's other offices!). Before this project, the screens showed a single ill-updated jpeg of events. Before that project, HUGE printed plotter-sized calendar posters.

The Schedule

Work for these screens involved setting up a larger programming schedule that feeded in date-based hooks like time of day or day of week to determine which slides would be shown, color themes, and even general language.

The programming schedule included screens for time of day, the weather outside, a calendar of events, employee showcases, and a few other nuggets.

I unfortunately lost the code for this when I left HUGE in 2017 and wish I could share a screenshot of the full actual weather text & icon mapping arrays (it got intense).


The screens also had a slide framework for events, in both list & highlight forms. The highlights have an option for custom artwork that breaks out of the templates.

After Hours

Things were allowed to get a little weirder after hours, but that didn't inhibit a 4:20 smoke mode for the clock slides.


A countdown slide was used for a variety of events, such politics & parties.

Fun Stuff: Pong

Collaborating with a few engineers at HUGE, we were able to make a pong tracker for the swanky new office pong table (an agency prerequisite). This system tracked wins with a front-end on top of Google Sheets, and showed results on both office screens & personal monitors.

It's all about the little details! True love, right here. The logo also turned into track jackets for the team.

The Future

Later plans for these screens involved additional slides for beaming messages to your coworkers via text (chaos!), as well as an interoffice gallery to showcase and celebrate HUGE photographers & creators.


Obligatory process shot of testing out some font sizing.

The End

On my last day, to my utter surprise/shock, one of the larger screens (in HUGE's lobby) was updated to feature my face watching everyone go by.